About us

Rwanda Foam Ltd is a registered Company under Rwanda laws to transact Business of manufacturing mattresses and other beddings.



The company’s mission is to provide clients with the best quality foams and spring mattresses as well as other products to expand their choice and obtain the best value for their time and money.


The company’s vision is incorporated in the phrase:”Le paradis du matelas”. The philosophy of the company is to provide the end-user, a product that creates an experience of peace, tranquility and satisfaction. Sleeping is one thing people do one-third of their lifetime and so at Rwanda Foam, our vision is to ensure that sleep becomes a memorable experience every day!


The company has developed a set of values which guide staff in their everyday life at work and outside of work which are summarized in three values: Integrity, Exceptional customer care and accountability.


Rwanda Foam has developed its own distribution network as well as established a strong partnership with numerous wholesalers and retailers in the country. The company has also acquired a fleet of trucks to assist bulk purchases to be quickly moved.


Our expansion plan is driven by the need to provide consumers with choices in terms of prices and products.Expanding our production lines result in the production of high quality products at prices affordable to the average working person in Rwanda.The production of spring mattresses address the needs of a growing section of the population-those who need long lasting products which command a certain class.