Rwanda Foam commemorates its workers that were killed during the 1994 Genocide Against The Tutsis.

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On this Friday,  10th  July 2016, the personnel of  Rwanda Foam Ltd and its founder Mr Bertin Makuza commemorated  28 workers who were killed during the 1994 Genocide Against the Tutsis.

In his speech to console the families of victim workers , Mr  Makuza said that anyone who knows or would know where the bodies of the victims were thrown must inform the ones in charge.

He said that “Taking this time to remember does not mean we forgot about our loved ones that were killed  , but this time helps us to learn about what happened in the past  ,and for us to discuss as a united society so that people who know where some of the bodies that were not found are, can tell us where they are .”

The Deputy President of Ibuka , Egide Nkuranga said that the activity of remembering helps Rwanda Foam workers to give respect and value to the ones who passed away and worked in the company before them.

He said,  “For the  administration  of a great company like Rwanda Foam to take time to remember its workers that were killed during the 1994 Genocide against the Tutsis , it is a very good thing. It helps the workers that it has now,  to know that there are others who worked there before them and that they were killed because of how there were born.  Again this  helps them to learn about the sad past and learn from it in order to eradicate any  ideology that could lead to another Genocide. ”

Mr Makuza said that every year Rwanda Foam pays Mutual Health fee for 50 Genocide survivors of the Gahanga  sector that have low revenue  and even orphans that are assisted in their advanced studies at the university . The rest were given jobs at Rwanda Foam so that they can get rid of their poverty.

Kagasa memorial site contains 6711graves of the 1994 genocide against the Tustsis was constructed and is maintained by the administration of Rwanda Foam in partnership with the administration of Gahanga sector.

In Gahanga sector there are 3 memorial sites which are Karembure memorial site containing 2522 graves , Nunga memorial site containin 7564 graves and the previous Kagasa memorial site .

The adminsitration of Gahanga sector asks for the setup of a general memorial site were all the victims’ bodies could be kept in better conditions and with the respect due.









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