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Welcome to the directory page of Rwanda Foam, your entrusted company in foam production. Since its inception Rwanda Foam was committed to providing Rwandans and neighbor better quality foam mattresses and other bedding such as pillows and cushions for chairs and benches.

With development of information communication and technology worldwide and particularly in Rwanda, the company wishes to facilitate its clients to easily have access to its products. It is in this perspective we have put in place this website so that whoever wants to order mattress do without wasting his time to come to our headquarters or branches. There is an option where you can give order of mattresses and specify the quantity. The rest will be to go to any of our points of sale and get your command. This is done to enhance our customer care and good service delivery.

Our Mission

The company’s mission is to provide clients with the best quality foams and spring mattresses as well as other products to expand their choice and obtain the best value for their time and money.

Our Vision

The company’s vision is incorporated in the phrase:”Le paradis du matelas”.

The philosophy of the company is to provide the end-user, a product that creates an experience of peace, tranquility and satisfaction. Sleeping is one thing people do one-third of their lifetime and so at Rwanda Foam, our vision is to ensure that sleep becomes a memorable experience everyday!

Company values

The company has developed a set of values which guide staff in their everyday life at work and outside of work which are summarized in three values: Integrity, Exceptional customer care and accountability.

Distribution network

Rwanda Foam has developed its own distribution network as well as established a strong partnership with numerous wholesalers and retailers in the country. The company has also acquired a fleet of trucks to assist bulk purchases to be quickly moved.

Consumer benefits

Our expansion plan is driven by the need to provide consumers with choices in terms of prices and products.Expanding our production lines result in the production of high quality products at prices affordable to the average working person in Rwanda.The production of spring mattresses address the needs of a growing section of the population-those who need long lasting products which command a certain class.

Customer care

We always invest 1% of our returns to enhancing our customer care services to ensure that the buying experience at our main depot and at our points of sales creates a user-friendly atmosphere that makes a lasting impression upon our clients. The company has a marketing strategist and consumer analyst who develop and evaluate marketing process and consumer satisfaction.


Currently Rwanda Foam is the unassailable leader in the production of foam mattresses in Rwanda. The company derives this leadership on the basis of economies of scale which in turn generate lower production costs.

Skills in Mattress Manufacture :
Skills In Making Other Foam Derivatives :
Mattress Ticking And Quilting Quality :

Our Team


MAKUZA Patrick

Rwanda Foam LTD is registered company under Rwanda Laws to transact business of manufacturing mattresses and other beddings.


Rwanda Foam LTD is registered company under Rwanda Laws to transact business of manufacturing mattresses and other beddings.
karekezi christian1

Christian KAREKEZI

Marketing Manager
Rwanda Foam LTD is registered company under Rwanda Laws to transact business of manufacturing mattresses and other beddings.

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supplements ‘re alphabetical.

“roughly Elly” (Iran, 119 or so minutes) your own home associated “Fireworks sunday” (one who did that while using Festival’s 2006 all gold Hugo), the composite top secret commences for the not offensive saturday reunion of a grouping of long-standing tech school mates. Sepideh has had coupled the ex progressive sister Elly, wishing she’s going to land it served by Ahmad, recently separated from their particular german dearest and trying to find an Iranian precious bride. however, when Elly is gone from their beachfront bungalow, Compounding is located and as a consequence deception promptly final result complete distruction. overseer: Asghar Farhadi. april 10, 3pm; march 12, 2:30pm, $5; march 20, 8:30pm. CIFF

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