Welcome note from Director General

It gives me great pleasure to welcome you to the website of Rwanda Foam, your entrusted company in foam production. Since its inception Rwanda Foam has been committed to providing Rwanda and its neighbours better quality foam mattresses and other bedding such as pillows and cushions for chairs and benches.

With development of information communication and technology worldwide and particularly in Rwanda, the company wishes to facilitate its clients to easily have access to its products. It is in this perspective we have put in place this website so that whoever wants to order mattresses can do so without wasting time to come to our headquarters or branches. There is an option where you can make an order of mattresses and specify the type and quantity. The rest will be to go to any of our points of sale to collect your order. This is done to enhance our customer care and good service delivery.

If you browse through our website and read about the content of each menu, you will have full information about the company. Special thanks and gratitude go to our potential clients.

Please do not hesitate to contact us for further information or send us queries using “Contact Us” page.

Thank you.

Rwanda Foam LTD

Rwanda Foam LTDi s a registered company under Rwanda Laws to transact the business of manufacturing mattresses and other beddings. The company was incorporated in 1981 but started operations in 1983 with the share capital of 50,000,000 which is now raised up to 500,000,000 Rwandan francs. Since then it has been producing foam mattresses principally for the Rwandan market but now the company serves mattresses beyond the country’s boundaries.


The company started with seventy employees including management staff, technicians and supporting staff with the capacity to produce two hundred tones of foams per a year.

Today, the company counts more than a hundred staff and the production capacity tremendously increased up to a thousand tones of foams produced.


The company headquarters are based at the industrial park of Kigali, where the manufacturing plant is located. Our primary methods of product delivery are through our depots located in four different places in Kigali. Upcountry deliveries are done by wholesalers who purchase our products from any one of the depots in Kigali or from the factory in the industrial part at GIKONDO. Today, with modern technology in information and communication, our clients are facilitated and they can easily purchase mattresses and other beddings by ordering through our website.

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